Mistaken For The Mob

Mistaken For The Mob - Ginny Aiken Cover: Weird? I really didn't care for this cover :P
Rating: 3 stars
Overall: Meh.
Characters: Stubborn!
Plot: Although for the most part I liked Maryanne and J. Z. but they were too stubborn to see the truth...
Page Turner: Eh
Series Cont.? Finished!
Recommend: Maybe? (The other two are much better! but it helps to read them in order)
Source: Library

Short Review:
Not my favorite, but I didn't hate it. The story was good, but some character choices tend to to make it predictable, and stilted in parts. Overall I enjoyed it, and loved how Maryanne treats J.Z. as she desired to get used to having him follow her! (The part with the bags it the best! XD) I read these completely out of order O.O (it's a trilogy) and although they are stand-alones, they do share characters, and some plot points are spoiled if you don't read them in order, the individual stories won't be.

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