The Message Remix (Bible in Contemporary Language)

The Message Remix (Bible in Contemporary Language) - Eugene H. Peterson This rating is for the translation. As I have read other translations, and can compare them, but would not rank or judge the Bible, since I don't have the knowledge to do that, and being a book of both theology and history, spanning many thousands of years, would be impossible to review in that way anyways.

I really like this translation for some things, but it falls short in others. It reads much more like other books I enjoy, and is easier for me to read quickly and enjoy. But that is not the purpose of the Bible. It was written that we could read it and meditate on it, in that way this version falls short. This Bible is good for someone who wants to read the Bible cover to cover, but those who want a deeper understanding of God and His Word, this is not the best option. Some verses are well worded, but most lack the deeper meaning that much of the Bible holds. This might be good to compare things like chapters for a wider understanding of something that was talked about in church, or to see the daily verse written in a modern way, but you won't get the full impact that some other translations have. If you are reading this as a study Bible, and hope to learn the deeper meanings, and be moved by the Spirit, this one is likely not the translation you should use. It's possible that you will find that in this version, but most people will not.