Kokopelli's Thunder

Kokopelli's Thunder - Sean M. Cordry It is 1938 in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon as Zed Moonhawk helps train a group of Civilian Conservation Corpsmen who are excavating and rebuilding Anasazi ruins. Moonhawk is exceptionally skilled at his masonry work—as well he should be. After all, he was there when the massive structures were erected eight hundred years earlier. Zed Moonhawk is the legendary figure known as Kokopelli.

Cursed with eternal life, Zed and his twelve-year-old son, Turq, are the last of the Anasazi. For centuries, their people dominated the southwestern landscape with the help of the last pteradons on the planet—until the evil Mayan witch Rooshth appeared and virtually erased the Ancient Ones from history. But now she is back and still obsessed with the powerful magic embodied in the sacred tablet of the Anasazi. Rooshth wants to raise her son from the dead, a dark desire that refuels the final battle in a centuries-old war between Zed and Rooshth.

In this fast-paced supernatural thriller fi lled with dark, earthy magic, twelfth century history intertwines with the emerging world of the 1930s as an immortal Anasazi and his son attempt to fulfill their mission before a determined witch acquires the power she has always desired.