Healer - Linda Windsor Don't get me wrong, it was a good book, but I feel it had a lot of potential, and didn't deliver. I loved up all the way until Ronan returned home. Then it started to lose my attention. There was a kind of tension that showed how great the chemistry was between Brenna and Ronan, and it was lost. Also I knew a lot of the ending before I even got there because there were so many clues, there really was no surprise. It was a good book, I loved the characters, I just feel something was missing. Ronan became to me like a mindless zombie, from being obsessive of Brenna and trying to follow a God he didn't know, to an enraged beast, as if he had no emotional control at all, and was just pulled along by a string. It became old rather quickly. I found my self caring more about Bron and Daniel then any of the more major characters when it reached that point. It had potential, but I feel it dropped the ball, not really giving the potential promised in the summary.