You're Different Jemima

You're Different Jemima - Jedidah Morley **I received a ecopy in exchange for my honest review from the publisher**

Cover: Whimsical!
Rating: 5 Unique stars
Overall: I could easily relate to Jemima, and loved that she found someone who enjoyed her uniqueness!
Characters: Sadly realistic
Plot: To help children who are different
Recommend: Yes
Source: Empowering Resources publisher

Short review:
In third grade, I was Jemima, and because I couldn't read, I was called stupid and lazy by my teacher. My art teacher was the one who taught me to be creative and different. The next year, with a more encouraging teacher, I took off reading without a problem! Encouragement is a powerful thing, and more kids need to hear this message. Being yourself, and doing your own thing doesn't have to be bad, and is often a good thing! If life was all black and white, if rainbows only had one color, who would enjoy them? We need to teach this more, and to encourage children from a young age that it's OK to be different, and this book does a great job at showing what a difference a few kind words can make!

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