Even Mummy Cries

Even Mummy Cries - Naomi Hunter **I received a ecopy in exchange for my honest review from the publisher**

Cover: Fitting
Rating: 4 stars
Overall: When a parent cries, it's often not the child's fault.
Characters: good
Plot: To help children when their mother is going through a dark time
Recommend: Yes
Source: Empowering Resources publisher

Short review:
I had mixed feeling on this one too. I agree with the message, when mothers cry, and more so when they are depressed, it's not the child's fault. I also feel though that it should encourage those suffering with depression to seek help. My mother suffers from depression, and I am bipolar, and I know what it's like to have your mother in that dark place. I feel it glosses over everything and acts like it just goes away. Sometimes though I think the children need to be told that it's not their fault, but that their mothers are sick, and I feel mental illness is hidden, or ignored too often. I think children have the right to know as much as anyone else. I enjoyed this book, but like many other things, they glossed over the mother's depression as if it isn't important, and I feel it's a missed opportunity to introduce children to depression, not in depth, but even to mention that it is common, and isn't something to be ashamed of.

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