The Bound Folio

The Bound Folio - Rob J. Hayes, J.M. Martin **I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review from the NetGalley**

Cover: Love it!
Rating 5 Stars
Overall: Action packed and well written
Characters: Imperfectly human, perfect!
Plot: Exquisitely grim and gritty!
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes!
Recommend Yes!

This book was made up of six short stories, told some of the side characters in Rob Hayes The Ties That Bind Us series. I have not read the other books yet, but this one was brought to my attention since it was on NetGalley. I plan to read the others soon!

"The Sword of the North" - Not my favorite, but as a first story it didn't bother me. I think it works well to get you into the dark and dirty world that Hayes has created.
Score: 3 stars

"The Night Blade" - One of my favorites, I enjoyed seeing the assassins size each other up. You really don't know what to expect from either, and that makes their story all the more irresistible!
Score: 5 stars

"The Kid" - Again not my favorite, but I did enjoy it. I liked The Kid, but his tale is sad, and turning him into a monster as life deals him a heavy round of bad luck.
Score 3 stars

"The Battle of Underbridge" - This was another one that I really enjoyed. I always enjoy a good knight's tale, and this was no exception!
Score 5 stars

"The Merchant of Truridge" - When it started, I hated this one. But loved it at the end! This one was another that was filled with emotion, the less than pretty kind. But it was so well written it takes you on a roller coaster of ups and downs!
Score 4 stars

"The Twins" - I enjoyed this one, but it was the most difficult to keep up with. Having no knowledge of the world, I had to rely on what the story gave. It was good, since I was able to understand enough to enjoy the story, but because it's about a race of creatures unique to First Earth, there was some confusion at the beginning.
Score4 stars

"The Mistress of the West" - I wasn't sure what to feel about this one. It sounded intrigue, but it wasn't until I got into it that I really started to like it, but then it took a turn and sucker-punched me in the gut! This is also the only one that I was able to guess what happened, but I was still left unprepared when it did!
Score 4 stars

"Beck" - This was my second favorite, or tied as my favorite! I loved the characters, and again they were fun, dangerous, and unpredictable! Just the way I like them! Full of danger, and questions, it is a great end to this book, and leaves me excited to find out more about the characters of First Earth!
Score 5

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