This Savage Song

This Savage Song - Victoria Schwab Cover: Beautiful!
Rating: 4 Stars
Overall: Beautifully written
Characters: Well Written
Plot: What happens when a human and a monster who, from the start, are sworn enemies, are forced to rely on each other if they wish to live?
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? Yes
Recommend: Yes
Source: Library

Short Review:
Again I seem to have a thing for dark fantasies! I wasn't sure I would like this book going in, and maybe that's why it seemed to start slow, but as soon as things started to unravel for the two main characters I was instantly hooked! I loved how the author used both the two main characters, and each of the side characters to both set the tone, and the pace of this book. In Verity there are two sides, the North owned my rich, selfish, human Harker, and the South controlled by the FTF military force who in some ways are scene as the 'heros' who fight for good and peace. The catch? Both have ties to the 'monsters' but in very different ways.

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