Ice Island

Ice Island - Sherry Shahan Cover: Pretty!
Rating: 3 Stars
Overall: Exciting and detailed
Characters: Well Written
Plot: What started as a game, becomes life and death when two friends become stranded in the Alaskan wilderness after a freak storm hits.
Page Turner: Yes
Series Cont.? N/a
Recommend: Maybe
Source: Library

Short review:
While I really enjoyed this story, it has one of those endings that leave you with more questions that answers, which I hated. It was a fun read, and a quick in-between for me. It's nice to get away from the usual, and I have always loved stories about dog-sleds, and the adventure they promise. In that this story did not disappoint! A fun story about two children who have only each-other and their dogs to survive. While this is a middle grade read, it was detailed and well informed both about dog-sleds, and about life in Alaska, a great educational aspect that makes this book even more valuable to young readers.

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