Polaris - Michael Northrop *I received a review copy from KidLitExchange on Instagram. This does not affect my review.*

I loved this one! I was worried as I read Northrop's Trapped as a child, and at the time I hated the abrupt ending. After reading this one, I realized that in truth I loved them both! This one actually helped my better understand Northrop's reasoning for why he ended Trapped the way he did, and showed my how immersed I get into his stories. I love a good survival story, and these have always been some of my favorites, despite the love/hate statue of Trapped after reading it as a teen. I actually believe I just had to grow up a little to understand his books, so even though this is about kids around 12 years old, it's better suited for the YA crowd? Though I'm sure middle-graders would enjoy it as well.